Welcome to Sherlock and Chelsea's pages!

Here are some photos of our Beloved Sherlock and Chelsea... as told by Chelsea. Please Enjoy! Let's go back in time and pretend Chels is still with us and let her narrate for us the following pages...

Chelsea This is me, Chelsea...
just kickin back on the stairwell

This is me, divin'
into da pool!
Divin' Chelsea

Chelsea swimming After divin in...
I like to swim around a bit...

Now it's time for a float...
my Mommy taught me this one...
she does it all the time...
thought I would try it out...
I think I like it!
It's soooo, well... ladylike!
Chelsea floating

My brother, Sherlock This is my brother, Sherlock.
I miss him very much.
It's lonely around the house without him around.
He taught me lots of stuff,
like eating toilet paper,
getting into trash...
ya know, all those fun things.
I still do em, but it's just not the
same without him leading the way.

Sherlock was taken to the vet one night,
and never came back...
To read more about what happened,

put yer paw HERE...

Now, check this out...
here is Sherlock...
half in and half out
of the doggie door.
Talk about lazy!
He's just SITTIN there... sheesh!
He was a NUT!
my dumb brother

This is me, Chelsea
and my Mommy and Sherlock.

This is my brother Sherlock and me.
We were always together no matter what!
Chelsea and Sherlock

Sherlock and Chelsea This is us again...
pals forever!

Here we are again...
we are quite the hams,
dontcha think?
Sherlock and Chelsea

David and baby Sherlock This is David, and the
first picture of Sherlock.
His first day home.
Isn't he a cutie?
(Mind you, I was cuter!)
Who would know he would turn out
to be so big!

This is Sherlock again...
He's about 2 months old.
They think he's gonna stay in that bed?
All I ever remember is us
sleeping in Mommie's bed!
hahaha... well, they tried!

This is Sherlock's first bath.
haha... he looks sooo scared.
That's my Mommie there trying to console him.
Not too long after that,
he was taken to the groomer cuz
he couldn't fit in the sink!

Christmas Chels Yeah, yeah, yeah...
would you believe it!?
They put this thing on my head...
and think it's sooo cute...
Well, I guess I'm cute no matter what
time of year it is!
I hope you have enjoyed our pages!
Thank you for visiting!

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