To My Beloved Pup...Sherlock

Here's to you, Sherlock, my 'baby boy', my 'buddy', my 'ol granpa', my 'always under the feet fella', my 'shadow', my 'deaf boy' (you made me learn doggie sign, ya know), my 'get into everything boy',
and so on and so on...

You have been by my side since you were 8 weeks old. That's a long time, old fella! There won't be a day that goes by that I won't be reminded of you. So, while you are in a better place, remember your mamma, and how much she loves you...
Goodbye, Sherlockie... I will miss you!

This bouncing ball is for you, baby boy... in loving memory...

It is very hard to lose a dear friend... and I did on April 19, 1997... His name was "Sherlock" my English Springer Spaniel. Even tho he was getting along in years, his demise came quite quickly. Even when you expect it, it's never easy. You can imagine when it's unexpected.

He died within a matter of a one hour time span. This is because of a diagnosis called "bloating". Not much is known by the common everyday person. I 'definitely' did not know of it. That is why I am writing this to anyone who cares to read it. I found a page on the net concerning what happened to my Sherlock. He was the classic textbook case. It was amazing how quickly this happened, and I want everyone to read up on it.

Please check out this write-up on BLOATING.

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