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my face in snow but oh so innocent pose
November 17, 2002

hi peeps... it's me again, dylan... i'm 6 months old... wow... i'm gettin to be a big boy now... here are some new pics of me (i'm still so cute) ayep! the mostest of these picture are of the first time i saw this white stuff ... boy was it FUN to play in!!

Oh yah, and if you wanna see my baby pics.. just click here!... and of course later ones are Here

wow.. what is this stuff?? it's very fun!

hmm... doesn't smell like nutin'

think im' gonna run around a bit!


lil deep but ya gotta do what ya gotta do

what ma? do i have to come in now??   

let me do a few more laps first!


i'm being good honest ma!

you don't scare me nun...
can i have some candy now?

playin with string hangin from my tug o war rope

I love tug o war... mama says it's gross

hey no fair... i can't see!

determined dylan

i'm gonna win, i just know it!

do my bigboy teeth scare ya yet?

i think i'll just rest here a bit

pull harder daddy!

all this playin has made me tired...gonna nap now... see ya next time!

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